Why Choose Double Glazed Sash Windows to Compliment Your Home?

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Why Choose Double Glazed Sash Windows to Compliment Your Home?


Sash Windows have been a prominent choice in homes for centuries in the UK

Why Choose Double Glazed Sash Windows to Compliment Your Home?These visually appealing openings have always complimented a variety of home styles and are still one of the top choices in homes today.

The problems with this type of windows comes with older properties that are listed or protected in some way, which have the occupants struggling through the winter months with single panes windows that offer poor insulation, security or noise dampening.

The good news is, that with advance in the design and styling, more & more uPVC Sash Window products are gaining acceptance by local planning departments thereby allowing owners of properties of character to get up to date replacement sash windows with traditional features and appearance.

Furthermore, by taking advantage of double or triple glazed gas filled sealed units, consumers can raise the energy efficiency of their new Sash windows to previously unthinkable levels. This feature is beneficial in 2 ways – reducing heat loss in cold weather and reducing heat build-up inside the home during summer.

Features & Benefits

timber sash windowsThere are a number of advantages to choosing double glazed sash windows for your home, the first is mentioned beforehand in that they can save energy, but they can also improve the value & desirability of your house – should you decide in the future to sell it, having modern stylish windows fitted could make all the difference.

uPVC designs are low maintenance and last for many years, offing high levels of security via upgraded locking points and sliders that keep the frames tightly in place – and added “side” benefit of tight fit & double glazing is that it reduces noise penetration significantly, which if you live in an busy & noisy urban area, can be very advantageous.

In summary, the difference in using double glazed sash windows manufactured from uPVC over their single glazed wooden counterparts are glaring in terms of comfort, security, appearance and energy efficiency.

William Henderson
William Henderson
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