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With the design aim of replicating the look & character of the original style, a modern Sash Window can retain or enhance your property whilst at the same time bringing the added benefits of using uPVC Sash Windows.

Many of the latest examples were manufactured only after consulting with conservation departments and now bring a truly authentic appearance to uPVC Sash Windows that allow them to be installed into home & properties where only timber sash windows would have been suited to before for reasons of aesthetic appearance.

Many styles are available with colour options – including high quality “wood-grain” surfaces.

Window horns, deep putty lines & other moldings enhance the appearance, whist treble chamber frame profiles, storm proof seals and Pilkington Optiwhite™ double glazed panel options give the windows up to “A” BFRC energy efficiency ratings.

There are up to a dozen colour options as well as smooth or grained surface finish options with clear, obscure or patterned glazing.

Authentic Appearance

For those who think that sash windows in uPVC are not suitable, then it’s time to think again. With profiles designed to match traditional appearances, Sashes manufactured from uPVC look as good & lasts longer than timber.

Surface Finishes

The introduction of wood-grain surface finishes in uPVC gives an even greater appeal. Designed to replicate the look and feel of real timber, modern wood-grain finishes give the final touch of class to your sash window.

Low Maintenance

Cleaning the frames is so easy. They only require washing with soapy water, then rinse & dry off. There is never going to be a need to sandpaper the frames, scrape off the old paint and repaint the frames over and over again.

Typical Curved Head Options


Typical Flat Head Options


Weather Resistant

Built-in draught excluders in the frames keep out the strongest winds. Tight fitting sashes with water drains keep out damp. Energy efficient glazing can virtually eliminate unwanted heat & trickle vents prevent condensation.

Sound Protection

It has to be heard to be believed. The reduction in sound levels using double glazed sash window is awesome. Having single glazed windows is just throwing away money. Triple glazing is even better at sound reduction.

Window Security

Old sashes were protected by just 1 simple catch in the centre. Modern uPVC sashes can be fitted with “secured by design” fasteners, movement restrictors & internal beading. Everything designed to make it very secure.

Flexibility of Use

You don’t have to have just a single sash window fitted. If you have a bay window or a bow window, sash designs are more than capable of meeting the task at hand. Many older properties throughout the UK make excellent use of Bay Sash Windows.

Colour Choice

If you like white, then the “brilliant-white” finish will suit your needs. But if you want something different to contrast or complement your property there are around 12 or so colours in uPVC available, such as Mahogany & Irish Oak.

Can I Have Patterned Glass in uPVC Sash Windows?

Glazing Design & Functionality

Where some element of privacy is required frosted, or otherwise “obscure”, glass can be made use of. Places where patterned or “frosted” glass can be useful are in glazed front or back doors (and door side panels). It’s also used in bathrooms & toilets where we want our privacy kept.

Using patterned glass is also quite popular for small “top lights” in the front windows of many homes.

Leaded glass can be quite an attractive option when used in moderation or where it makes the windows sympathetic to the overall character of the property.

Leaded, patterned or frosted glazing is, in almost all cases, classed as an optional extra and will incur an additional charge.

Stop condensation by adding sash window trickle vents

trickle ventThe humble trickle vent can be easily overlooked. However, they can have an important part to play, especially in rooms that can be subject to high humidity. Kitchens and bathrooms are notorious for high humidity, both cooking and bathing use hot water that generates moisture in the air.

The purpose of the trickle vent is to allow for secure ventilation without having to open the windows and is effective in reducing condensation within a room.

A small family can produce about 26 pints of air moisture per day.

With properties becoming more & more insulated, the fitting of trickle vents to double glazed windows is becoming essential to avoid problems with condensation creating damp & moldy patches within the home.

A double glazed sash & tilt windowFeatures

  • High Quality Locks & Handles
  • British Standard “Kitemark” accredited profiles
  • Pilkington Optiwhite™ Low-e, laminated or toughened glazing options
  • Many colours including wood-grain finishes
  • Exceptional low maintenance & long lifespan
  • Long product & workmanship warranties

What are the Sizes of Sash Windows?

It’s always recommended to have your home surveyed by a professional in order to asses the window size, especially with Sash Windows as there are design constraints & requirements that could be overlooked by an inexperienced person.

It is possible to combine height & width (in millimetres)


Bay Windows or Curving Window Designs

Sliding sashes can be manufactured & installed for bay or bow facets of 30°, 45°, 60° or 90° angles – these are built bespoke to order and require careful measurement before ordering

Tilt & turn Options

tiltig sash windowA very useful feature, especially in upper floors, are tilting sash options.

This function is designed to allow the moving sections to be released either on the side or bottom so that the outer surface can be easily accessed for both maintenance and regular cleaning.


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