Patio Windows & Doors

Options & Styles for Patio Windows & Doors:

Bring in light & space

There is a wide range of sliding & patio door style options available to choose from, it doesn’t really matter whether you are looking for a simple set or a magnificent set of “8 leaf” bi-fold patio doors there will be something out there that will improve the look of any home.

Patio Windows & Doors

  • Toughened safety glass in vulnerable areas
  • Anti-lifting tracks & smooth sliding tracks
  • Multi-point security locking systems with ‘dog bots’ & ‘claw hooks’
  • Low emissivity (low-e) solar thermal, energy efficient double & triple glazed units
  • Come in a selection of smooth & wood grain colours
  • Internal beading for glazed door panels

Tilt & Slide Doors

Have a unique 2 way opening function, they can also be set up to tilt backwards into the room for secure ventilation.

Slide to the right or left for full easy entry & exit access.

Bi-Fold Doors

or Multi-fold Doors are a series of panels which open left or right and “stack” together at the sides of the opening.

This side stacking creates much larger opening than other styles.

French Doors

A single set of double doors with the handles fitted in the centre.

The most popular design feature being that the body of the doors are made up of many small individual glass panes.

a tilt and turn patio doors

a bifold patio door

a classical french door

Double & Triple Glazed Patio Doors

Choose from Bi-fold, Sliding, Tilt/Slide or French Patio Doors to create a feeling of added space in your home.

Always take the time to use companies that are accredited by recognized UK trade Bodies

Match your Doors with Modern Casement or Replacement Sash Windows

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