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April 28, 2017
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How much do double glazed windows cost?

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How much do double glazed windows cost?

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Double glazed windows features, benefits, cost and tips to get the best price.

Double glazed windows have over many years, become very popular in the UK.  Double glazed windows are proven to assist in reducing household heating or cooling costs and helps to conserve energy on an environmental level.

Typically, as probably everyone knows, the primary key feature of a double glazed window is the two pane glass “sandwich”, at the heart of which is an air or gas pocket. If the gas filled option is used, then the most common gas used is usually Argon and the gas pocket acts as an effective insulator.

The benefits of double glazed windows are as follows:

  • Warmer in winter:

The gas or air pocket helps to keep the cold outside. So the temperature inside will be warmer. These windows will reduce the heat loss by over 50% and 70% by argon filled windows.

  • Cooler in Summer:

The insulator acts in the same manner and prevents heat from the outside to enter inside. So, your house will be cooler. To make it more you effective, you can use low E or emissivity coated glass. You can also use tinting.

  • Controls condensation:

Many of you may have noticed drops of water on your window in the morning. This is because of condensation. Single glazed windows can easily transfer the cold temperature outside to the inside which causes condensation. This is reduced in double glazed windows and your house remains warmer and drier.

  • Reduces UV rays:

Ultraviolet rays are harmful for the skin and it also fades furniture and carpets. Double glazed windows reduce the amount of UV rays entering inside. Using tinted glass helps reduce the UV rays by 86%.

  • Reduces noise:

Double glazed windows helps prevent outside noise from entering inside. This can be improved by using laminated glass. You can also opt for double glazing with Super Spacer which will make greater improvements. This contains closed-cell polymer foam which transmits very little outside noise.

  • Security concerns:

Double glazed glass do not break easily. Even if it is broken the shards stay in place. This can be further improved by using toughened glass.

What does it cost to double glaze the average 3 bed semi?

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The cost of uPVC casement double glazed windows for a flat of 4 windows would be around £2140. A uPVC frame is one of the cheapest options whilst aluminium and wooden frames tend to cost more. The cost will also depend on the material, size and style of windows that you choose.

Popular styles of windows are casement, sash, tilt turn and French . The cheapest option is usually casement, with hardwood sliding sash windows coming in as the more expensive type of window to buy & ft.

The following table will give you a general idea about the cost of double glazed windows – it’s only a rough guide to double glazed windows prices, so don’t be surprised if the cost you get quoted in not the same as what we show below – each job is priced based on the individual circumstances of the project at hand.

You can find figures on the web for a single double glazed window costing about £300 per unit – but if you allow £400 to £500 per window, then you will get a pleasant surprise if they cost less.

The cost of double glazing for a 3 bed semi- detached house can range anywhere from £3,500 upwards –  For a 4 bed semi-detached house with 10 windows the cost should be around £4,500 or more – if you are including a good quality front & back door, then you could add at least £1,000 to the total cost.

up to 4 – prices from £2,000£2,300£2,800
up to 8 – prices from £4,000£4,500£5,000
up to 10 – prices from £4,500£6,500£6,500
up to 12 – prices from £5,500£8,000£7,000

It would be advisable to ask for discount if you have more than 5 windows. The location of the windows will also affect the price. The installation costs of windows located above the ground floor will be higher.

Some better known “brands” are Safestyle, Anglian, Zenith and Everest.

Please note the following points to get the best deal.

  1. Compare quotes from a minimum of 4 independent installers.
  2. Make sure that the companies are registered with FENSA / CERTASS / GGF / DGCOS
  3. Do some research on the company that quotes you.
  4. Don’t be in a rush to sign an order, especially if you are being tempted “time limited” special offers or discounts. A reputable company will be happy for you to take your time.
  5. Where practical, try to speak to nearby clients of the company quoting you. Otherwise ask for genuine testimonials.

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