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Casement Windows - New & Replacement

Wide range of options make this design very versatile

installing Casement windowsModern manufacturing methods ensure that these window styles are energy efficient, long lasting & have low maintenance requirements.

Normally hinged on the side, open outward and are probably the most widely used type of double glazing unit.

Available throughout the UK, they come in countless combinations of fixed panes and openings.

Options for selecting wood effect finishes and frame or handle colours makes personalisation easy.

From Georgian style window bars, with stained glass & leaded panes to fully or partially obscured glass. Whatever your current windows style, it can be matched.


  • Top & side opening windows with multi-point Locks
  • Energy Efficient glass & gas filled double glazed units
  • Wide Range of colours, sizes & designs
  • Treble Chamber British Kite-mark Extruded uPVC Profiles
  • Engineered Accoya® decay proof wood options
  • BFRC A+ rated for thermal properties

Authentic Appearance

UPVC Casement windows are available with slimline frames making them very stylish. Wood-grain surfaces only enhance that stylish appearance by replicating the look and feel of traditional timber made casement windows.

Finished Surfaces

Alongside super smooth uPVC frames, casement designs can also feature coloured textured surfaces that replicate timber. These wood-grain finishes are bonded into the material so that they do not fade peel or crack.

Low Maintenance

UPVC casement windows are renown for being easy to look after. No sanding or painting like you need with timber. The surface simply needs to be washed down if it gets dirty. Hinges & handles are designed for long lifespans.

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Storm Proof

The latest casement windows in uPVC are independently tested to meet all kind of British Standards of weather proofing. Meaning you have a product that keeps out wind and rain, no matter how bad the UK weather gets.

Sound Reduction

Double glazed, or triple glazed casements are superb for reducing the amount of noise from the outside of the property. Compared to single glazed unit, a double glazed window can reduce noise pollution levels by up to 70%.

Excellent Security

Strong key lock handles and multi- point hooks are the first level of security. This is backed up by internal window beading designed to prevent removal of the glazed panes by burglars. Stainless steel hinges also add security.

Design Flexibility

From a single window to an elegant curved bow window. Casement designs can be used in almost any situation for any size of window. You can combine opening sections in virtually any configuration that you can think of.

Colour Range

Why stick with white? Casement windows in uPVC can be found in a wide variety of colours to suit your property. Wood colours, such as Oak, Mahogany or many plain colours. Also a selection of wood-grain colours.

Choosing which casement window opens

Deciding which window casement opens and which direction it opens is important in 2 ways.

  1. Price impact
  2. Function & “usability”

casement windows openerFirstly, price impact. Giving a glazed section the ability to open means more detailed work at the manufacture stage and can therefore potentially increase the cost of the whole unit.

It’s common practice for a lot of installers / manufacturers to add a charge for each panel that can open, so check for this extra charge.

Secondly, function: You can have side or top hinged opening casements. The location of the window can influence which section you want to open.

For example, in a lounge room, you may only need a small top hinged opener at the top of the frames. In a kitchen you may want a larger side opening section, plus a top opening section.

The location of the opener in the frame can also make a difference. If we take the kitchen window again as an example, would it be more convenient to have the opening window section on the left hand side or the right hand side?

  • Take some time to consider what works best for each of your rooms.

UPVC Casement Windows Prices Guide

As a starting guide, the typical cost for a full house of UPVC windows in an average 3 bed semi-detached house can range from £300 to £500 per window, giving an overall cost of between £3,000 to £5,000.

 Casement Window Dimension  Description Average Cost Per Window 
60 x 60 centimetreNo openers UPVC White£190 – £200
120 x 60 centimetre1 opener UPVC White£260 – £290
120 x 120 centimetre1 openers UPVC White£350 – £400
120 x 120 centimetre2 openers UPVC White£450 – £550
120 x 180 centimetre2 openers UPVC White£470 – £550
120 x 120 centimetreNo openers UPVC White£220 – £280
120 x 180 centimetre3 openers UPVC White£520 – £600
ALL SIZESWood Grain EffectAdd 10% to 20%

Some Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)

  • Can I buy Coloured UPVC Casement Windows?

Yes – colored UPVC Casement Windows can be found in around a dozen colours including:

  • Mahogany
  • Rosewood
  • Light Oak
  • Golden Oak
  • Irish Oak
  • Black
  • Chartwell Green
  • Are the cost of window cills included?

That would depend upon your supplier. Check whether cill prices are included in the prices you are given. Details of the full order should be given in your written quote.

  • Is there a charge for windows that open?

Not all suppliers charge separately for window openers in their price lists, but it is important to establish whether they do or not. It is common for windows that open to incur an extra cost.

  • What Guarantees do I get?

Your installer should supply a guarantee on the product itself and on the work they carry out to install the windows.

You should also ask for a deposit guarantee.

Other Window Options

If you want to add a window with a little bit more functionality than usual, there are some very versatile designs available that can bring different aspects to your home.

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