Benefits of Installing Replacement Windows in Your Home

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November 10, 2015
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Benefits of Installing Replacement Windows in Your Home

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Changing to Double Glazed uPVC Windows

Benefits of Installing Replacement Windows in Your HomeMany examples of older residential windows are single glazed and lack any type of energy efficiency properties and these outdated featureless installations drive up your domestic energy bills by letting out too much heat whilst at the same time helping to make the room uncomfortably hot in the summer months by allowing radiated heat from sunlight to enter the room – this solar radiation can, over time, also fade paintwork, carpets and furniture inside the room.

Condensation can also be a huge problem, causing damp walls, encouraging mold & mildew, ruining paintwork and rotting wooden frames or cills – nasty!

Fitting replacement windows can eliminate all these problems.

What are the Benefits of Installing Replacement Windows in Your Home? – There are well documented features & benefits for modern uPVC Windows:

A nice “side effect” to having sealed double glazed windows is that the insulating properties also act as a noise dampener, greatly reducing sound transmission – so if you live in an area that has high levels of ambient noise then this feature will be a blessing (less of the noise you make escapes also!)

Benefits of Installing Replacement Windows in Your Home

Installation process & timescale

Removing an old window frame is not that difficult in most cases, but those that have been in place for a very long time may occasionally “put up a fight” and take a bit more effort to remove, the point to note, however, is that the surrounding frame dimensions could differ from old to new, this would require “making good” around the frame and that would obviously add some time to the process.

Making Good around the frames is normally included in the prices quoted by the contractor but you should be prudent and confirm it with them. This is especially important when changing older wooden Box Sash Windows with either casement or slim line UPVC Sash Windows.

Having made this oversight once myself (and paid for it), I know that there is a big difference in frame profile sizes between Sash & Casement types of window. Therefore a “decent amount” of making good will need to be done, so take the time to clearly confirm that all works of this nature are fully priced up within the quote and get the quote in writing.

Colours & Finished Surfaces

Those people who are looking into replacing their windows and think of uPVC as “cheap white plastic rubbish” could not be more mistaken, the quality of the extrusions and finishes of modern designs are excellent and come in a wide range of colours that help to match or contrast the look of a property.

The latest design & manufacturing technology has allowed even the production of surfaces that perfectly mimic wood grain (this is not a stick-on layer) the surface does not crack, peel, warp or fade (unlike real wood!) and will maintain its appearance for the long lifetime of the window.

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